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Gyeongnam Ceramics

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Traditional onggi living and breathing Korean tradition

Let me introduce onggi to you with the heart of three generations of potters.
Gyeongnam Ceramics uses the traditional red clay kiln where wood is burned unlike the modern gas kiln. Thus, it produces pollution-free everyday onggi products such as Korean cooking saucepot, jars for growing bean sprouts, pots to store rice and mineral water, flowerpots, and more.

The reason we are still stuck on this red clay kiln is a hope for inheriting and maintaining the onggi tradition rooted in our living culture since ancient times and for providing you with natural, pollution-free onggi. Armed with a sense of mission and love for onggi, we at Gyeongnam Ceramics will do our best to let people know about our onggi. I wish all of you peace and good luck.

Gyeongnam Ceramics

Gyeongnam Ceramics
Company Name Represent Address Contact No.
Gyeongnam Ceramics Seo Jong-tae 670, Namchang-ro, Onyang-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan 052-238-3898


  • 1950 Was born.
  • 1966 Polished onggi production skills.
  • 1980 Founded Gyeongnam Ceramics.
  • 1986 Appeared in the KBS documentary “People and People”.
  • 1997 Appeared in the PSB program “Here, This Man”.
  • 1998 Appeared in the KBS program “Hometown Report”.
  • 2000 Appeared in the KBS program “Hometown Report”.

The main work

The main work, Pohoto