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World’s Largest Onggi

Considering the use frequency of traditional kilns, and the innovative technology transmission systems of onggi production, the Ulsan Oegosan Onggi Association was officially registered as the Ulsan City Intangible Cultural Asset No. 4. The intention of planning the ‘World’s Largest Onggi’ is to popularize the excellence and practical use of onggi domestically and overseas and to revitalize the regional economy along with promoting the onggi industry.

Despite 5- attempts and failures, the 6th try was successful to get it listed on the Guinness Book of Records. Based on this success, the Ulsan Oegosan traditional onggi standing tall in the world is our hope.

1. World’s Largest Onggi /2. Information desk/3. Restroom

World’s Largest Onggi, Photo