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About Artisans

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Onggi Potters in Oegosan

Heo Deok-man was a potter who first turned the chamber kiln used in the ceramic workshop into the onggi kiln. Coming to Oegosan in 1950s, he created an onggi village with several traditional onggi potters. Since then, the production of traditional onggi has been increased and now onggi is one of the Ulsan City Intangible Cultural Assets.

Potters’ Artworks Equipped with Artistry

Onggi potters in Oegosan Onggi Village have stuck to traditional methods and led the onggi industry. They also conduct diverse works so as to enhance the prestige of onggi and let people know its artistic values not only by producing common onggi but also by making artistic onggi.

1. Gyeongman Ceramics-Seo Jong-tae / 2. Yeongnam Ceramics-Choi Sang-il / 3. Onggigol Pottery-Heo Jin-gyu / 4. Yeonghwa Ceramics-Bae Yeong-hwa / 5. Seongchang Ceramics-Jo Hee-man / 6. Geumcheon Pottery-Jin Samg-yong / 7. GayaSilla –Jang Seong-u / 8. Ilseong Pottery-Shin Il-seong

1.Gyeongman Ceramics-Seo Jong-tae   2.Yeongnam Ceramics-Choi Sang-il  3.Onggigol Pottery-Heo Jin-gyu  4.Yeonghwa Ceramics-Bae Yeong-hwa   5.Seongchang Ceramics-Jo Hee-man   6.Geumcheon Pottery-Jin Samg-yong
7.GayaSilla –Jang Seong-u   8.Ilseong Pottery-Shin Il-seong

Ulsan City Intangible Cultural Assets, Oegosan Onggi Association

Considering the frequent use of traditional kilns, the completeness of onggi producing skills, and technical transfer systems, the Ulsan City Cultural Properties Committee officially registered the Ulju Oegosan Onggi Association as the Ulsan City Intangible Cultural Asset No. 4. This was the foundation for cultural transmission and development by refreshing the awareness of our tradition, onggi.

About Artisans

About Artisans
Onggi Workshop Onggi Artisan Address Contact No.
GayaSilla Jang Seong-u 8-9, Oegosan-gil, Onyang-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan 052-238-3330
Gyeongman Ceramics Seo Jong-tae 670, Namchang-ro, Onyang-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan 052-238-3898
Geumcheon Pottery Jin Samg-yong 28, Oegosan-gil, Onyang-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan 052-238-6887
Seongchang Ceramics Jo Hee-man 8-6, Oegosan1-gil, Onyang-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan 052-238-3730
Yeongnam Ceramics Choi Sang-il 1, Oegosan1-gil, Onyang-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan 052-237-3605
Yeonghwa Ceramics Bae Yeong-hwa 54, Oegosan3-gil, Onyang-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan 052-238-3620
Onggigol Pottery Heo Jin-gyu 18, Oegosan-gil, Onyang-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan 052-238-8533
Ilseong Pottery Shin Il-seong 2-6, Oegosan2-gil, Onyang-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan 052-238-3521