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Ulsan Spa

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About the Ulsan Spa

The Bali Ulsan Spa is located in Onyang-eup, Ulju-gun. Designated as the Spa District No. 29 by the Korea Institute of Energy and Resources. It opened the spa based public bath and global-scale indoor swimming pool in August of 1990. With average water temperatures of 31 ℃, the spa is a natural radon salt spring and therefore alkalescent which has the effects of facilitating metabolism, removing waste, and enhancing stamina as well as curing skin diseases, neuralgia and arthritis.

The water following Namchangcheon, the stream of Onyang-myeon, downstream is not even frozen in winter; rather, it emits steam in the winter morning. Soaking in warm thermal water with your eyes gently closed will give you the feeling that you are completely releasing all stress and being submerged in clouds. Also, there are many appealing attractions such as Jinha Beach, Daeunsan Valley, Gangeolgot and the lighthouse, and the onggi village in the vicinity of the spa.

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Location Enquiry
34 Sangbal2-gil, Ongyang-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan City 052)237-6665~7 (Ulsan Spa)

Getting Here

  • - About 20 minutes away from Ulsan Gong-up-top by regular bus; about 30 minutes away from Busan Haeundae by express bus
  • - Taking Donghae Nambu Line(Railroad), get off at Namchang Station, and 5 minutes away from there by bus

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