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Daeunsan Naewonam Valley

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About the Daeunsan Naewonam Valley

Rising 742 meters above the sea level and running from Unhwa-ri, Onyang-eup, Ulju-gun to Myeonggok-ri, Samho-ri, Ungsang-eup, and Yangsan-si, Daeunsan is a valley full of clear clean water and famous for the fact that Great Master Wonhyo cultivated his mind here.
According to Dongguk Yeoji Seungram, it was named Bulgwangsan(佛光山), but at some point, began to be called Daeunsan.

Because this mountain has proper degrees of ascent and descent with its undulating ridges, you can enjoy climbing the mountain to the peak at an altitude around 700m relatively better than other mountains with the same altitude. Moreover, the trails are lined with azaleas and silver grass habitats from its ridges to its peak, so you can enjoy more picturesque hiking. You can view all of Ulsan and the East Sea from the top-even Daemado in the distance when the sky is clear enough.

Daeunsan Naewonam Valley, Photo

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Location Enquiry
382 Daeunsan-gil, Onyang-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan 052)229-8142~8146 (Onyang-eup)

Daeunsan Naewonam Valley

This valley is known as the ideal spot in Yeongnam, the unexplored region comprised of deep and clear beautiful ponds and falls, and inviting rocks. In spring, royal azaleas bloom. Clean water flowing from Daeunsan, Dotongsan, and Bakchigol has never dried up or dwindled even in dry summers. Moreover, the water is as clear as crystal so that fish playing in water over 3 meters in depth can been clearly seen.

In fall, red and blue colored leaves in Daeunsan make up a magnificent view in harmony with red–colored scrub, attracting many tourists and hikers from Busan and Ulsan. Cliffs towering near the valley are steep but gorgeous, so are called Sogeumgang. In addition, there is a marsh called ‘Aegiso’ near which thatched cottage-sized rocks. This marsh is beautiful enough to be written up in the “Ulsan Eupji (the history of a town)”.

Particularly, the magic lily community can be found, where rare and precious plants grow, drawing attention from academic circles. Centered on Daeunsan, these picturesque valleys are met at the entrance of Sangri village, now becoming a naturally formed recreational park.

Climbing route

  • The 1st trail (Manbo climbing route)
    The 3rd parking lot → Aegiso → Samgeori → Myeonbaek Community → Manbo climbing route → Starting point → Bakchigol’s right-sided valley →Daeunsan Peak Ridge 8 → Bakchigol → Left-sided ridge → The last stop of the Manbo climbing route → the 3rd parking lot (three hours required)
  • The 2nd Trail (Dotonggol trail)
    The 3rd parking lot → Aegiso → Dotonggol’s left-sided ridge →Daeunsan Peak → Bakchigol’s right-sided valley → The last stop of the Manbo climbing route → The 3rd parking lot (about three hours required)
  • The 3rd trail (walk along the ridges)
    The 2nd parking lot → Homgol Soryuji → The 1st peak → The 2nd peak → Banya-bong → The peak of Daeunsan → The left-sided ridge of the Manbo climbing route (route bordering Gijang) → Bakchigolje → The 3rd parking lot → The 2nd parking lot (about 5.5 hours required)

Daeunsan Royal Azalea Festival

The Royal Azalea Festival is held every May with the entire climbing routes covered with fully blooming royal azaleas, which please tourists to Daeunsan.