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Jinha Beach

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About the Jinha Beach

With the length of 2 kilometers and the sand area of 96,000m², Jinha Beach is able to accommodate 50,000 visitors. It is popular as a marine tourist attraction for its clear water, fine sand, and free pine trees. Due to its wide beach and easy access, Jinha Beach is the best beach in the eastern and southern seas, attracting not only Ulsan people but many tourists from Busan.

Beautiful islands and pine tree forests, including the two mid-ocean rocks that make up Ideok-do and Myeongseon-do harmonized with pine trees, are the right elements to create a family beach. Moreover, with the fame for having the best-quality water nationwide, one of the beach’s merits is convenient transportation; it is just 20 minutes away from Ulsan and 40 minutes from Busan. The beach and areas surrounding the Daesong Cape are very popular for wind surfing and fishing. The “Jinha Beach Festival” is held very July.

Jinha Beach, Photo

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Location Enquiry
Jinha Haebyeon-gil, Seosaeng-myeon, Ulju-gun, Ulsan 052)229-7642~7643(Ulju Culture & Tourism Dept.)

Getting Here

  • - Get on Bus 1402 or 412 at the Ulsan Airport and get off at Gong-up-top for transfer to Bus 1715, 715, or 405 to Jinha.
  • - Get on Bus 1104, 1114, 1401, 307, 317, or 327 at Ulsan Station and get off at Gong-up-top for transfer to Bus 1715, 715, or 405 to Jinha.
  • - Get on Bus1715 or 715 at the Intercity Bus Terminal to Jinha.

Getting Here, Map