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About the Gangeolgot

Gangeolgot, the first point where the sun rises over the Northeastern Asia Continent first attracts many tourists by the New Year’s Sunrise Festival. Also, you can view the endless spreading horizon and magnificent scenery of the East Sea from here.

Gangeolgot, Photo

Gangeolgot, Info Table, Location, Area, Enquiry
Location Area Enquiry
Throughout the region of 39-2, Gangeolgot1-gil, Seosaeng-myeon, Ulju-gun, Ulsan-si
(longitude 129° 21´ 50”/ latitude 35° 21’ 20”)
486,636 m² 052)229-7902~7904

Origin of Gangeolgot

Gangeolgot was called Gangeolgap right before the start of the New Millennium Sunrise Festival. However, ‘Gap (Japanese name)’ changed to ‘Got’. ‘Gap’ means land protruding into the sea, and ‘Gangeol’ originates from a word ‘Ganjitdae’ because this place looks like a long bamboo pole used in a rural area viewed from the northeast or southwest by fishermen working in the ocean. Thus, it was called Gangeolggeut at first.

“Got’ is also a Korean word meaning a pointed part of land protruding into the sea. During the Silla era, it was written ‘gocha’ or ‘got’, and, it was also recorded in the words of ‘deungsangot’, or ‘jatgotdeung’ in Yongbieocheonga during the Joseon Dynasty. ‘Gan’ in ‘Gangeolgot’ means a bamboo pole and ‘Geol’ comes from a dialect ‘Gil meaning ‘long’. Thus, this name indicates a long protruding got like galjitddae. In the early period of the Joseon Dynasty, this place was called ‘Igilgot(爾吉串)’; ‘I’ means ‘wide’ with ‘gil’ is a word borrowed from Chinese letter gil (永, long); therefore, it means a wide and long protruding got.

Getting Here

  • - Get on Bus 1402 or 412 at the Ulsan Airport and get off at Gong-up-top for transfer to Bus 1715, 715, or 405 to the Daesong bus stop.
  • - Get on Bus 1104, 1114, 1401, 307, 317, or 327 at Ulsan Station and get off at Gong-up-top for transfer to Bus 1715, 715, or 405 to the Daesong bus stop.
  • - Get on Bus 1715 or 715 at the Intercity Bus Terminal to the Daesong bus stop.

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