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About the Naewonam

This temple is located at the foot of Daeunsan, 1312, Unhwa-ri, Onyang-eup, and was one of 9 Daewonsa’s nine small temples in the period of Silla.
As an old traditional Silla temple, Naewonam was one of the Ulsan City’s top 4 ancient temples (in addition to Seoknamsa, Munsusa, and Shinheungsa). Unfortunately, in the year of ox in 1925, it was totally destroyed by fire.

In the mid period of Silla, Master Gobong founded Daewonsa at the southern foot. Sitting in the middle of the five lotus flower-shaped peaks, Naewonsam is considered the ideal spot in southern regions. The old trees of Naewonsam bearing the passage of the past 500-600 years belie its history. These old elephant-shaped trees provide climbers with a resting space, and the rock formations at the entrance reminding us of Sogeumgang with its waterfalls and grotesque cliffs.
After the elevation of Ulsan’s status to Ulsan Metropolitan City, this temple’s importance as a resting place for many citizens has increased.

Naewonam, Photo

Naewonam, Info Table, Location, Date Founded, Founder, Size
Location Date Founded Founder Size
Daeunsangdae-gil, Onyang-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan-City Estimated in the late Silla period Chief Priest Master Gobong Daeungjeon 6.1 m²,
Sanshingak 1.5 m², Old Sanctuary 12 m², Yosachae (Living quarters of monks) 2 locations

Getting Here

  • - About 45 minutes from Ulsan by car; get on Bus 507 and off at the Naegwang last stop

Getting Here, Map