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Seosaengpo Waeseong

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About the Seosaengpo Waeseong

Seosaengpo Waeseong is a Japanese style fortress in the form of the late 16 century built under the direction of Japanese commander Kato Kiyomasa (加藤淸正) from May 1953 (the 26th year of King Seonjo), the year right after Japanese Invasion of Korea. Including a small port at the mouth of the river, Hoeyagang, the inner fortress was built on the mountaintop rising 133 meters above the sea level. The eastern slope was used to make complicated two and three-layer fortresses. Down the slope, a steadily elongating and widening outer fortress was arranged. The fortress was surrounded with double or triple moats.

The total area of the fortress including moats reaches 46,000 pyeong; the length of the outer fortress (moats excluded) is about 2.5㎞; and the lineal distance on a plain is about 870m from east to west, through about 370m from south to north, making it the largest fortress among all waeseongs in the southern regions. Now on the mountaintop remains about a five-meter-high Cheonsudae, and multiple well sites have been found inside and outside the fortress. Regarding the outer fortress, only its outer wall was comprised of stones while the stones laid in the inner fortress were used to build the inner and outer walls. The grade is within 60°.

In 1594 (the 27th year of King Seonjo), Samyeong Daesa came here four times for peace talks, leading to a lot of diplomatic accomplishments. In 1598 (the 31st year of King Seonjo), the general Ma Gui helped regain the fortress, and one year later, Changpyodang was constructed to canonize 53 faithful subjects who had fought against Japanese invaders and died in battles. However, it was destroyed and only the site remains. Seosaeng Waeseong had been used as a kind of the defense system (同僉節制使營, Dongcheomcheoljesayeong)of Joseon naval forces for about 300 years right after the Japanese invasion of Korea to 1895.

Seosaengpo Waeseong, Photo

Seosaengpo Waeseong, Info Table, Location, Designation Number, Era, Enquiry
Location Designation Number Era Enquiry
Seosaeng3-gil, Seosaeng-myeon, Ulju-gun, Ulsan Ulsan City Cultural Property No.8 the Era of the Joseon Dynasty 052)229-7642~7643 (Culture & Tourism Dept.)

Getting Here

  • - Get on Bus 715 or 1715 at the Intercity Bus Terminal to the bus stop in front of Seosaengpo Waeseong.

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