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Namchang Onggijonggi Market

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About the Namchang Onggijonggi Market

Namchang Onggijonggi Market, Photo

Namchang Market, established in 1916, is a regular market open every three and eight days. This market has been maintained almost for 100 years and the facilities were modernized in 2003; it has been growing remarkably year by year. When the Nanchang market day was open on April 8th, 1919, the historical Mansae Movement arose encouraging the patriotism of residents who staged a demonstration for independence.

This life-type market is the center for 70,000 residents and it is located in the vicinity of the 250 companies of the Onsan Industrial Complex. It can be a tourism hub because many surrounding tourist attractions are just 15 minutes away by car: Oegosan Onggi Village, Namchang Station, Jinha Marina Port, Seosaengpo Waeseong, Gangeolgot, Gangeolgot Sports Park, Ulsan Spa, Daeunsan, and more.

This market is the center of transportation, where the expressway, national highway and local highway all intersect at starting at 75-year-old transportation facility known as Namchang Station.

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Namchang Jangteo-gil, Onyang-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan 052)238-3250

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